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About Future State Systems

Future State Systems helps organisations enhance, optimise and automate their processes so that they can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve service to their customers. We work closely with our clients to:

==> Understand current state processes
==> Identify opportunities for process improvement
==> Recommend a future state for each process
==> Develop the business case to justify the proposed future state
==> Utilise proven practices to quickly deliver the solution

We can supply the required software and services to implement the solution. Alternatively you can procure software directly from the vendor and use us to deliver the solution using that software. Our solutions can be implemented on premise or hosted in the cloud.

We differ from many systems integrators because we do not shy away from fixed price engagements. With an agreed detailed scope, we will back ourselves to deliver the solution at an agreed cost, with our customer paying only on completion of the project or significant delivery milestones.

Ephesoft Document Capture Solutions

Future State Systems is a platinum implementation partner for Ephesoft document capture solutions. Ephesoft enables businesses to better classify and extract data from unstructured documents using content, bar code or layout analysis. Ephesoft uses technologies like OCR, ICR, free-form extraction, fuzzy database matching and machine learning algorithms to capture and extract structured data from your unstructured documents. Ephesoft then exports that data directly into your line of business and enterprise content management systems.

Ephesoft software can be applied to many use cases including:

==> Accounts payable, accounts receivables and remittance processing
==> Banking, finance, loan origination and mortgages
==> Insurance underwriting and claims
==> Healthcare and medical claim processing
==> Government
==> Human resources
==> Mailroom automation

Customer Success Stories

"We saw the value in Ephesoft's platform. The system will expedite our processes, drive efficiency, and can categorise and classify all our data so we can easily access it. We are in the final stages of implementation and all indications are promising. We expect that Ephesoft will reduce the error rate and workload by virtually eliminating manual processing. So far, Future State Systems is doing a great job of deployment."

Ashley Ross, CIO at Motor Trade Finance (MTF) New Zealand

==> MTF Customer Success Story